Coaching and 360 feedback coaching

"Meaningful learning occurs through experiences that result in behavior change that is sustainable and repeatable."                 Robbins              

Nowadays in every organization people need development as part of their ongoing professional growth. One of the best method for HRD is coaching, which is relatively new to organizations and become rapidly a significant part of learning and development strategies in many companies.

Coaching was focused primarily on individual athletics and team sport to help them achieve better results. We agree that if a coach can help a player to remove or reduce the internal obstacles to their performance, an unexpected natural ability will flow forth (Gallwey in: The inner game of tennis). These thoughts fitting very well in business context too, where the player is for example the leader, with everyday challenges, who often engaged in dilemma and feel trapped. In such situations the leaders might need a coach, who help them become "unblocked" from their dilemmas and assist them to transfer their learning into a result for the organization.

So, coaching is a comprehensive process, occurs in  the workplace, with the intention of improving managers inter- and intrapersonal skills, provides performance feedback and ultimately improves their workplace performance. In this co-discovery and learning process the manager achieves "ah-ha" moments as a result of the coach-leader interactions.


We are providing

  • Skill Coaching: we focus on the core skill employees need to perform in their role. The aim is to helping them to learn through observation, inquiry, dialogue and discovery.
  • Performance Coaching: we focus on improving individuals performance, increase their effectiveness and productivity in their current role at work. The aim is to set goals, overcome obstacles and evaluate and monitor their performance.
  • Developmental Coaching: we focus on a broader more holistic view often dealing with more intimate, personal and professional questions. The aim is to check competencies and characteristics which are needed for a future job or role and may demand considerable growth.
  • Personal Coaching: we focus on individuals wishing to make some form of significant changes happen within their lives. The aim is to explore what they want in life and how they might achieve their aspiration and fulfill their needs.


Feedback Coaching


To combined executive coaching with 360 degree feedback is one of the fastest growing executive development alternative within global organizations and our costumers needs are reflecting it.  For this reason we provide 360 degree feedback coaching and we can help you to:

  • Interpret reports from all 360 tools
  • Discover varying perceptions
  • Understanding what is necessary to change behavior and perceptions
  • Develop an action plan
  • Follow up action plans

Note: the feedback received should be used for coaching and developing the individual to meet their goals.

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