Enikő Papp

Lived in Germany over six years, studies in Berlin and in Budapest (organization psychologist and communication specialist). Certified Business and Personal Coach and Trainer.  Professional developments are systemic structure constellation work, nlp (certified trainer associate), mediation, team coaching, integrative coaching, systemic coaching, personal and business coaching, provocative coaching, sport mental trainer, organization development, human system balancing, Ericksonian trance and hypnosis. 

One of the founding members of the Coaching Academy in Budapest and instructor of trainings and partner the Metaforum International in Hungary.

More then 10 years experience as a consultant in human resources, executive coaching and training. Focus on executive assessments, executive development (training and coaching), consulting to human resources and commitment to provide the highest level of service to each of the clients. 

Coached and influence numerous leaders in wide range of industries, develop innovative strategies and plans and offer a breadth of knowledge, experience and multicultural understanding. Has a deep and wide expertise in a variety of assessment and development instruments. Expertise has been purchase across many industries including telecommunications, consumer products, banking, automotive, transportation, pharmaceuticals. 

Coaching areas

-       Optimizing the effectiveness of strong leaders

-       Ececutive precence and managing personal brand

-       Relationship and team problem resolution

-       Executive communication und influence

-       360 feedback and performance coaching

-       Developing concepts and tools to support growth and development

-       Coaching global and regional

-       Conflict management

-       Performance improvement


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Enikő Papp
Work and organizational psychologist, 
certified Business Coach and Trainer
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Emília Závodszky

Business coach and trainer